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Pseudo Macedonia ideology a fallacy

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council

The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (FYROM) chief propagandist representing their diaspora community, Mr. Stefov (a.k.a Christos Stefou) continues to persist with his Ancient Macedonian non Hellenic ideology.

Since it's been comprehensibly proved beyond doubt that today's citizens of Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (FYROM) have no connection whatsoever with Philip II and Alexander III, Stefov is now attempting to discredit the Greek connection with antiquity (Are Modern Greeks direct descendents of the Ancient Greeks?), irrelevant that the Greek language has the longest documented history of any Indo-European language - spanning 34 centuries.

Greek has been written in the Greek alphabet since the 9th century BC in Ancient Greece. Greek literature has a continuous history of nearly 3,000 years. There is no relevance as to what happened with the bloodlines over the centuries; the language survived death, invasions,ethnic cleansing,famines, earthquakes, foreign migration, colonisation, civil wars, plagues etc. So Mr. Stefou (his real Greek name) has to answer the question: how did the language survive whereas in other regions where Greeks became the minority it didn´t?

Secondly, the FYROM(ian) propagandist Mr. Stefou, must also be asked: why does he persist in denying Greeks their Macedonian heritage? Greeks have lived in the region of Macedonia well before the Pontian and Asia Minor migrations of 1922; we the Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) are the children of the indigenous people of the area. Why would we allow these Slavonic people to exclusively claim the name 'Macedonia', yet we who also come from the region of Macedonia and some of us who even speak the local Slavic sounding dialect, are denied our human right of self determination? I demand to be called a 'Macedonian'; Mr. Stefou our committee is the Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC), and we are proud indigenous Macedonians of Greek heritage.

Mr. Stefou, why is it so hard for you to accept this? Is it because we do not agree with your own pseudo ideology? We as indigenous Macedonians accept our Hellenic ancestry; we know who we are where we come from our culture and customs, obviously you and your fellow citizens from Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (FYROM) are easily confused. A change of personality and identity from one day to the next occurs frequently amongst your population.

Once you were Bulgarians then Vardaskans,then Yugoslavians and now "Macedonians". Which ethnicity will it be next?

Like your other accomplice 'Gandeto' whose real name is 'Grezlovski'; why do you keep switching from one personality to another? Just like you own self (and the citizens of your country), it seems it also applies to your logic and writing one contradiction to another.. When will this end? Again, we continue to prove to you your clear misguided theories, and again we have to explain to the the world your absurd fallacies and mythologies. Educated people can easily see through your propaganda, but unfortunately uneducated people can become confused. Propagandists have no shame,as was shown during WWII, The Cold War, The Young Turks, American Imperialism,Communism, Globalization,The Bush Administration etc..

In your previous article you quote Livy; yet one famous quote from the same historian that clearly states the truth on the matter:

"Aetolians, Acarnanians, Macedonians,men of the same language"(T. Livius XXXI,29, 15)

That says it all about Livy as he clearly defines the Macedonians as the same Greeks.

"General Paulus of Rome surrounded by the ten Commissioners took his official seat surrounded by the whole crowds of MacedoniansPaulus announced in Latin the decisions of the Senate, as well as his own, made by the advice of his council. This announcement was translated into Greek and repeated by Gnaeus Octavius the Praetor-for he too was present."(T. Livius,XLV)

Again why would they translate in Greek and not in "Macedonian" if they weren't Greek?

Then we have your new claims about David G. Hogarth(Greek Australian Advisory Council and the falsification of Ancient Macedonian history Part 7)

Lets see what this historian writes and compare your theories and misquotes..

"The ancient East"

By D.G Hogarth

Page 80


It Macedonia was inhabited by sturdy gentry and peasantry and by agile highlanders, all composed of the same racial elements as the Greeks,with perhaps a preponderant infusion of northern blood which had come south long ago with emigrants from the Danubian lands

The social development of the Macedonians - to give various peoples one generic name - had, for certain reasons, not been nearly so rapid as that of their southern cousins. They had never come in contact with the higher Aegean civilization, nor had they mixed their blood with that of cultivated predecessors

Page 81


A year after Chaeronea Philip was named by the congress of Corinth Captain-General of all Greeks to wreak the secular vengeance of Hellas on Persia


While Philip was in Thebes as a young man, old Agesilaus, who first of Greeks had conceived the idea of invading the inland East, was still seeking a way to realize his oft-frustrated project.


The idea had certainly been long in the air that any military power which might dominate Hellas would be bound primarily by self-interest and secondarily by racial duty to turn its arms against Asia

page 88


Looked as a whole, and not only from a Seleucid point of view, the ancient East, during the century following Seleucus´death (forty-three years after Alexander´s) was dominated politically by Hellenes over fuly nine-tenths of its area.


As for Seleucus and his successors, thought the latter, from Antiochus Soter onward, had a strain of Iranian blood, they held and proved themselves essentially Hellenic.


Ptolemy Lagus and all the Lagidae remained Macedonian Greeks to a man and a woman and to the bitter end, with the greatest Hellenic city in the world for their seat


As for the remaining tenth part of the East, almost the whole of it was ruled by princes who claimed the title "Philhellene" and justified it not only by political friendlisness to the Seleucidae and the Western Greeks, bt also by encouraging Greek settlers and Greek manners.


Tradition held the other element to be Hellenic, and no one in the fourth century seriously questioned its belief. "Philip and Alexander of Macedon"

by David G. Hogarth, page 5


The king [of macedon] was chief in the first instance of a race of plain-dwellers, who held themselves to be, like him, of Hellenic stock "Philip and Alexander of Macedon"

by David G. Hogarth, page 8


From Alexander I, who rode to the Athenian pickets the night before Plataea and proclaimed himself to the generals their friend and a Greek, down to Amyntas, father of Philip, who joined forces with Lacedaemon in 382, the kings of Macedon bid for greek support by being more Hellenic than the Hellenes.

"Philip and Alexander of Macedon" by David G. Hogarth, page 9-10


Archelaus patronized Athenian poets and Athenian drama and commisioned Euripides to dramatize the deeds of his Argive ancestor.

"Philip and Alexander of Macedon" by David G. Hogarth, page 10


"Macedonia" therefore, throughout historical times until the accession of Philip the Second, presents the spectacle of a nation that was no nation, but a group of discordant units, without community of race, religion, speech or sentiment, resultant from half-accomplished conquest and weak as the several sticks of the faggot in the fable.

Philip and Alexander of Macedon" by David G. Hogarth, page 10

D.G.Hogarth quotes

As you can see Mr. Stefou we have shown the facts, and produced the evidence clearly and comprehensively by both Livy and Hogarth; and both these two historians state the Hellenic culture and Macedonia's place in the Ancient Greek world. The propaganda Mr. Stefou must end now, if you are to join the rest of us in the educated sphere; because in the end you only serve to discredit yourself in the eyes of the educated.


It seems that the other propagandist the "alleged"historian the pseudo Italian (FYROMian by birth Grezlovski)J.S.Gandeto has just accused us of falsification of historical quotes

A Greek case of blatant hypocrisy

Yet here we have the original in Latin which clearly defines the language as homogenous meaning Greek.I ask again to this "alleged" historian that seems to have a post graduate diploma from Disneyland can he not see the obvious?Can this person discredit himself like this?Can Mr.Gandeto read clearly or does his hatred of Greeks and Greece hold no bounds?

Aetolos Acarnanas Macedonas, eiusdem linguae homines, leues ad tempus ortae causae diiungunt coniunguntque: cum alienigenis, cum barbaris aeternum omnibus Graecis bellum est eritque; natura enim, quae perpetua est, non mutabilibus in diem causis hostes sunt. sed unde coepit oratio mea, ibi desinet.

Now we'll translate it for you word for word Mr.Grezlovski...

Trifling causes occasionally unite and disunite the Aetolians, Acarnanians, and Macedonians, men speaking the same language. With foreigners, with barbarians, all Greeks have, and ever will have, eternal war: because they are enemies by nature, which is always the same, and not from causes which change with the times.

Now is that clear for you sir?

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Australian Macedonian Advisory Council